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Hello, my name is Guylaine Gagné and I am 44 years old. I was born in Montreal and my parents are of average size, as well as my three brothers and sister. Being the second in the family, my size was a "surprise", so to speak, because there were no people of short stature on my father's or on my mother's side.

When I was about 7 years old, my family moved to Longueuil. I attended regular schools where I found my niche with other people my age. I dreaded entering high school, but everything worked out well. I have a cheerful personality and I love people, which must have certainly helped me fit.

At age 20, I joined the AQPPT, which helped me meet people like me. At first I was afraid and embarrassed, but over time, I enjoyed these meetings and participated regularly in activities.

During my life, I have had three operations: one on my knee and two on my hips. These operations were all directly related to problems caused by my bone disease. Unfortunately, I still do not know, even after genetic counseling, what my medical diagnosis really is.

I have been in a relationship with Yves, my partner, who is of average size, for ten years.

We had been together for eight years when I got pregnant. I was not expecting it any more; I thought I could not have a child. I was really happy with the news and was monitored quite well at St. Justine Hospital, where there is a department that attends to women who have special needs in the monitoring of pregnancy.

My pregnancy went well, although I had to be closely followed because of gestational diabetes, but I followed my doctor's instructions carefully. My husband helped me a lot throughout this period. I gave birth by Caesarean section May 2, 2007, to our son Nathan, who is of average size.

The nurse looking after me in my neighborhood CLSC was helpful in all my efforts to monitor the pregnancy and after childbirth as well. I also called on the AQPPT to put me in touch with another mother of small stature so I could share with her. I also received assistance from the Centre Lucie-Bruneau who lent me a crib with a side door to make it easier for me to put my child to bed.

We participate a lot in many activities organized by the CLSC of Longueuil and La Maison Virevolte for parents with young children. This allows us to be in contact with other parents who have young children. I am the only one of small stature in these groups, but I am very well received.

When Nathan enters school, I have some fears concerning the reaction of his classmates when they see that the their friend's mother is of small stature, but I intend to explain my condition to Nathan so that he might in turn provide answers to his friends.

I am sure that there will always be people who will make inappropriate comments about the differences in people. At a younger age, I found it difficult, but now I do not worry. I must say that I accept myself more now than ever before.

Guylaine G., February 2009



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