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Matias S., native of Argentina, talked to our support officer who prepared a description of this very resourceful man.

Matias is 32 years old and is achondroplastic. He moved to Quebec in 2005, coming from a family where his parents and older sister are of average size. It was after a trip to Chile where he met some Quebecers that Matias decided to visit them. Using this occasion, he made his first contact with the AQPPT and joined as member. He, so to speak, fell in love with Quebec and decided to start immigration procedures. Montreal has become his adopted city. In his view, the city's multiculturalism combined with the openness of its people are very enriching..

As Matias says: "Everyone must make his own life. It takes great courage when one is different since we do not start with the same opportunities. The society in which we live dictates the cultural and social values. Medical follow-ups are required throughout the life of a little person. One needs to be well informed, parents must be more vigilant and find the resources for their child to have everything he needs to live as independently as possible in a society fully unprepared to greet us. "

It must be said that Matias did not find the same openness in his country of origin. It was much harder to find a place in society for people with physical limitations such as dwarfism. A few years ago, Matias underwent therapy to help him accept himself better and find the path to his own happiness: the experience was very beneficial to him.

Not speaking French, he began taking lessons even before arriving here and then took lessons at the Montreal School Board to improve his skills.

With training in computers, Matias got a job in his field. He currently works at Analystik, a small business firm that specializes in developing financial software. With the help of the AQPPT, he took the steps to get an ergonomic chair that he greatly appreciates. Moreover, Matias has continued his education and is taking courses at UQAM to get a certificate in computer science.

Matias is also an artist. Starting at age 8, he began developing his talents as a sculptor-ceramist and whenever he has a moment, he produces works for the sake of creating. In the long term, he would like to devote more time to this passion.

As you can gather from reading these few lines, Matias is a multifaceted individual. Although he is rather reserved, he has managed to develop friendships that are dear to him and appreciates the social gatherings.

Matias, I hope that you will continue on your way to happiness. In any case, you are certainly on track. Through your personality, you give an example of perseverance and thirst to excel to anyone who takes the time to listen to your life story.

Francine Boutin, December 2008



© 2011 AQPPT - Translated by George Bravo and Judy Murphy