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Referred to as “dwarfs” in everyday language, little people often raise surprise, embarrassment, superstitious anxiety, or even mockery. Dwarfism, however, is a serious disability with a major impact, from birth, on an individual’s physical health, daily life, and social involvement.

There are 500 forms of dwarfism in the world with approximately 100 of them present in Quebec. Although each of these conditions differs in its consequences, all forms of dwarfism share a point in common: to live in a smaller body and grow in a world designed to serve a population of a average size.

The exact number of people with dwarfism in Quebec is unknown, but it may be around 3,500 to 5,000 people. Created in 1976 by little people, the Association québécoise des personnes de petite taille (Quebec Association of Little People) brings together people with dwarfism and their families. The Association informs, supports, assists, and protects children and adults affected by dwarfism so as to promote development and social, academic, and professional integration of little people.

Dwarfism: a handicap to take seriously



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