Dwarfism Toolbox

Welcome to the Dwarfism Toolbox !

Dwarfism : the toolbox is destined to little people, theirs families and health and social professionals who receive them. The toolbox gives different information about dwarfism and its mains issues.

Dwarfism and its complications (which can be related to health, social and/or environmental issues) are poorly understood/known. This toolkit’s purpose is to help little people to take care of themselves and to instruct professionals to dwarfism, so that they’ll be more equipped to attend to people with dwarfism.


The Association québécoise des personnes de petite taille would like to thank all the people without whom this box would not be what it is:

  • Cécile Retg, project manager, for the creation of the box;
  • Doctor Philippe Campeau for the medical review and his invaluable advice;
  • Mohammed Amine Terrak, Chloé Hudon, Allan Redford and Ed Elms for the translation of the cards into English;
  • Dominic Paré for web integration;
  • And our members for their support!

Thanks everyone!

Last update : april 2021

With the financial support of

Office des personnes handicapées
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